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What's the correlation between steak and eggs?


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What's the correlation between steak and eggs?

Bkeats | Aug 1, 2013 07:49 AM

After reading several recent threads about preparing steak and how people like their eggs done, I began to wonder if there was a connection in the prep methods for people. For example, I love a rare steak. Well done steak to me is not even worth eating. I will go even further in the less cooked direction and order steak tartare whenever I see it. When it comes to eggs, I love them fried with a runny yolk. A fully cooked yolk tastes chalky to me. If its over easy, do not ever cook it hard. I want the yolk to run all over everything when I cut into it. I generally don't eat scrambled eggs but if I must, I prefer soft curds as opposed to well done eggs. So in my world, raw meat and runny eggs go together. Oh the beauty of steak tartare with a fresh raw egg broken on top! Is there a relationship between the two for you?

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