Cooper Cookware-- the essential first piece


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Cooper Cookware-- the essential first piece

withabandon | Sep 12, 2009 02:36 PM

I'm new to the site and brand new to copper cookware. I just read a very interesting and helpful thread about tin vs ss lining and learned a lot. Thank you to all who posted.
I have a related follow up question. I'm a fairly accomplished cook, expanding constantly on what I learned at the elbow. I rarely use a recipe, but do appreciate learning from others (including cookbooks) and experiment with abandon and delight. Usually it turns out fine. I have some very decent cookware-- about 7 pieces of All Clad LTD, 5 or so pieces of even older SS Cusinart, and a number of aluminum saute pans picked up at the local restaurant supply place. The only copper piece i have is a small tin lined, Turkish Ibrik, used for making coffee. However, like many other Americans, inspired by Julie & Julia, I want to have more skill and I want a copper piece or two. At least to start.

I would like to get a small casserole for making, among other similar dishes, beef stew with wine ala Julia, and I would like it to have two handles so ( if I'm going to invest in this, rather than use my four quart LDT casserole), I want to put it on the table. So would you recommend a three quart or a four quart casserole for this purpose ( I would use at most two pounds of meat)-- and what might be a good source for finding one with two handles. Would a casserole do better tin lined or ss lined-- or wouldn't it matter for this purpose?

Then as someone who already has a well potted and panned kitchen, but not yet coppered, what would a good choice for me be for a second piece? Size, type, lining?

Thank you so much

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