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cook's country berry strudel/pie, question...

withalonge | May 12, 200812:32 PM

has anyone made the berry strudel/pie from the last issue (or maybe issue before last) of cook's country? I tried CC when it first came out as I am an avid CI fan, but wasn't overly impressed... but have come to like CC especially for weeknight dinners.

anyway, about the pie... I made it yesterday and think perhaps I might have put twice the number of grahmn crackers in it that is called for. I had way too much crust, it was a little dry and crumbly... it tasted fine, but very heavily grahmn-crackery.

I buy grahmn crackers frequently as my life would not be worth living if I ran out (have 18 mo old at home, grahmn crackers are like crack to her). but what I've always purchased are the crackers that come wrapped with in rectangles. so there are four separate crackers per "sheet". I didn't know they came any ohter way.... so when I pulled up this recipe I assumed they didn't mean the little individual crackers, so I used 9 sheets of crackers.

after going to the store, I noticed a different brand of grahmn cracker having just a square individual cracker... hmmm... that made me think that is what they were referring too. the pie worked o.k. with the extra, but I think the crust would have been much more tender using less. The pie was not runny at all, which was what was nice (as advertised)... though I think next time I would cut down on the amount of tapioca in the pie... I used frozen berries (rasp/black/blue) so that might have accounted for the lower moisture content.

but I wasn't overly thrilled with the heavy grahmn flavor.. I am thinking of trying it again for a work function.... but am curious how it turns out when you use the correct ratio....

anyone tried this pie???

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