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Cooking on electric, need copper/core skillet recommendations

marys1000 | Feb 9, 200806:00 AM

I've been wanting a new large fry pan/skillet and thought I'd try stainless steel.
Whoa, lots of styles, grades, types, doing lots of research. I came upon a review on Amazon where someone mentioned that their large aluminum core all-clad did not heat well
on their electric stove but a copper core one did.
So that got me on the holy grail search for a copper core fry pan/skillet since I cook on electric.
I wasn't thrilled with the style of all-clad's or emeril's but can't find much else. Before
I ran into the copper vs. aluminum core issue I was considering an Atlantis
by Demeyre as the super smooth silvonex finish sounded like a plus. Unfortunately Demeyre doesn't seem to make copper core skillets. only other types of pans.
I want one that I (hope) to use forever (I'm 51 so who knows how long that will be :)
I found some all copper (Mauviel, Falk Culinair) that are stainless lined but have no idea what the issues are or what to look for quality wise. Basically I'm sort of floundering here. I am typically practical and look for things like ease of use, handling, durability, vs. looks.
Anyone have any experiences? recommendations?



P.S. I should add that I hate cleaning more than I don't like cooking on electric.
so yes, I will be cooking on an electric smoothtop, if given a choice, always. Also
weight is getting to be a bit of a consideration.

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