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Need Cookie Recipe


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Need Cookie Recipe

Jim Leff | Jan 23, 2001 01:06 AM

Pepperidge Farm's big cookies are getting worse and worse. It's the old cooking-the-lobster syndrome (big food biz knows they can degrade foods--i.e. make 'em more cheaply--with impunity so long as they do it extremely gradually, and like lobsters being slowly heated in a pot of water, we never know we're being manipulated...consider NYC pizza for a prime example). And they're the best available mass-market cookies out there. And the nearest good bakery cookies to my apartment are 20 blocks away, not exactly a quick walk in the nabe.

I'm sick of it. I've resolved myself to actually bake. Can't get through the winter without cookies. Love cookies.

Does anyone have a cookie recipe that is flexible (so I can add different stuff to stave off boredom) and very quick/easy (I'm really too busy for this)? If you have a good recipe that comes from a copyrighted source (a book or web page), please either just link to it or else paraphrase it (our rules prohibit reuse of copyrighted material on these message boards).

I like most cookies (especially butterscotch), but consider raisins in cookies to constitute senseless cruelty.

Alternatively, if anyone knows a be-all/end-all cookie cookbook which isn't all froufrou (I haven't heard of any, but I don't follow baking books very carefully), I'd love to hear about it.



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