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cookbook for beginner cook - help!


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cookbook for beginner cook - help!

pigtails | Oct 31, 2007 12:01 PM

please advise me.
my better half has requested a cookbook for her birthday, and i am not sure what to get her.

she has very little cooking experience - especially compared to me. i've worked in professional kitchens for years, though i no longer do. it has become a bit of a joke in our relationship how i do all the cooking - however, i don't neccesarily want it to be that way forever. i did leave the industry for a reason, after all.

the cookbook needs to be easy. nothing should take a long time or sound intimidating. it should look appealing - i think it would need to have pictures in order to inspire her to use it. it should seem accessible. my favorite books are useless to her - partly because she does not have the ability to look at a recipe and then visualize / taste it, partly because they have technical stuff that sounds scary to her, and partly because i use them anyway.

any thoughts for me, hounds? i know you'll have a great idea.

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