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How to Cook Congee in a Pressure Cooker?


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How to Cook Congee in a Pressure Cooker?

BBBbear | Jan 6, 2004 03:30 PM

I'm looking for a quick way to cook congee, quick enough so that should I decide at, say, 7 p.m. to have congee for dinner, I could still have it ready before 8 p.m. Traditional methods require low heat, long simmer, and just take too long.

Pressure cooking comes to mind. I experimented with it a while ago but to no avail--the rice foamed and gushed out of the pressure regulator, creating big messes. That was in an old-style 3.5 (or 4?) quart Presto cooker, and I began with about 1/3 cup of uncooked long grain rice and water filled to perhaps 1/3 full.

Nevertheless, I haven't given up on pressure cooking congee yet. I've gathered some ideas, but not sure if any would help:

- Rince rice very thoroughly beforehand.

- Add oil to reduce foaming.

- Use cooked instead of uncooked rice.

- Cook in a ceramic insert such as those made by Oshawa.

Has anyone have success with cooking congee in a pressure cooker?

I actually don't own a pressure cooker now, but would buy one again if I know it could make congee without fuss. Will the newer generation cookers by Kuhn Rikon, Fagor and the like be better at the task? Are they also noticeably quieter than those with jiggle-top regulators?

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