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Continuing the discussion

David Ford | Jul 5, 2006 03:34 AM

In a recent installment of the ongoing interface discussion, the following post was made at the end of the current "5 generation" limit in the software. Because of this, I was prevented from responding to what I thought was a very eloquent commentary on this very important issue.

For all who are interested, here is a link to that original discussion:

The poster's screen name is divirtual, and he is replying to a post by Chimayo Joe.

But before you click, be advised that you will not be able to respond to this post. The reason, again, is because the software will not allow any more than 5 generations of replies in any given thread. And this post was made at the end of that limit.

Otherwise, to continue the discussion here, I present to you the following inspired words:

(originally posted by divirtual)

"I'm a webmaster with a site that has both threaded and flat views, as selectable, and have to say that I find this new interface to be totally confusing.

Just to create this post, I've been scrolling up and down to figure out the right place to hit the reply button. That means that I've had to reread the content three times, which is clearly inefficient from a UI perspective.

I'm disappointed with the RSS function so far -- I've actually just done a review comparing RSS Bandit, GreatNews, RSSOwl and FeedReader. It's actually possible to create a threaded view in some packages -- it's hidden as a background function in RSS Bandit -- but it's really inobvious to the casual user.

In the old format (which I agree was unsustainable), I used to be able to use Plucker to download the message to my Palm TX. (It's a huge file, and I guess an artifact now, if I haven't erased it). This was a function of the software being simpler HTML. I'd like to be able to continue to read this content on my Palm, but am pretty pessimistic about that.

I tend to use tabbed views in Thunderbird, and in the old interface would find an interesting post, and open all of the threads in a separate tab. I can still kind of do that, but the feeling is entirely different.

This is my first post on the new web site, and I'm disappointed to say that it's now about technology and not about food. I hope that you'll be able to straighten this out -- but also wonder why the technical group seemed to have reinvented the wheel, rather than using a standard open source package and extending it. That would be a community approach, rather than going out on your own, and having to do all of the support yourself."

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