a compost miracle


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a compost miracle

katydid | Jul 22, 2002 09:48 PM

not a miracle, but this is cool...
for years my family has been simply throwing our food waste into a nice bucket and taking it out to our lovely plastic stacking container in the backyard. Last week we discovered a huge, mysterious vine growing out of it. it now has blossoms and is about 10 feet long. we think it's a pumpkin vine that has grown from the pumpkin seeds of last year's halloween pumpkins. we may have ourselves some free orange squashes this year all becuase we recycle our food waste back into our great earth.
so be inspired! start a compost pile! it may have paybacks you would never expect. turns ordinary garden dirt into CHOCOLATE CAKE, no kidding, it makes the dirt so dense and awesome.
just had to share.

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