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Coming Soon: Post Tags

The Chowhound Team | Jun 15, 201504:28 PM

Hello ‘hounds,

We are very excited to announce that we will soon introduce the ability to tag your posts on Chowhound. We’re still working on the project, and would like to get your feedback early to incorporate it into our plans.

Over the last few years, Chowhound has grown at a steady pace and our archive of conversations has grown with it. As a side effect of that growth, it is increasingly a challenge to discover new and updated posts. We believe tags will greatly improve this experience in three ways:

- Tags will help clarify the main purpose of a post, as post titles are not always obvious to the reader
- Tags will have their own pages on Chowhound, allowing you to view a feed of all posts within an area of interest, from Grilled Cheese to Scotch Whisky
- Tags will allow you to filter any board to browse for your interests, e.g. you can browse Home Cooking, by filtering down to view posts about techniques like Baking or an ingredient like Kale or a dish type like Quiche

We know you’ll have lots of questions about tags, but for now we’d love if you could focus your attention on specific ideas for useful tags. We’ve provided some examples below as a starting point, but as we finalize our initial list of tags we’d love to make sure we’ve covered the subjects you’re most interested in.

- Ingredients: Thousands of them! Everything from Abalone to Zucchini
- Techniques: Baking, Canning, Deep Frying, Freezing, Pickling and more
- Post Series: Cookbook of the Month, Dish of the Month, Family Recipes, Pet Food, Trip Report and more
- Cuisines: Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, Thai, and more
- Cookware: Cast Iron, Dutch Ovens, Pizza Stone, Steamers, Woks and more
- Dish Type: Banh Mi, Burgers, Burritos, Dumplings, Pizza, Tacos, Wings and more

Thanks so much for your help! We’ll have our next update the following week.

The Chowhound Team

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