Combining different Wedgwood lines - equal whiteness?


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Combining different Wedgwood lines - equal whiteness?

sunrider | Jan 16, 2011 11:13 AM

I'm currently looking for a new white china set and am looking at Wedgwood's Jasper Conran White range, but would be combining them with the Wedgood White rimmed pasta plates (which I prefer to the Jasper Conran bowls). Also, as both lines lack small bowls/dishes for dips and individual serves of various curries/sauces, I'd be looking to buy some of the dip/soy bowls from the Plato line.

Does anyone know if these pieces would go together, especially in terms of being equally white, but also in terms of style?

Also, does anyone know how long the Jasper Conran and Plato lines would be expected to continue in production? As I am buying a set for 24 people, if a piece breaks 10 years from now, I'd hate to have to junk the whole set due to it being discontinued...

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