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Color of dinnerware - turn on / turn off / don't care


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Color of dinnerware - turn on / turn off / don't care

southern_expat | Jan 28, 2010 05:00 PM

I might be a lunatic, but this issue never bothered me before this christmas, and I'd like to hear opinions. I received a set of very beautiful pasta dishes, handpainted with a rustic design, pretty colors. Two combinations: blue bowl/ green outside, green bowl/ blue outside. Same combo with bright yellow/deep reddish orange.

Food in that blue-green bowl is just icky looking! Am I weird, or what? The bulk of my everyday dishes and ceramic cookware are black (I think food looks pretty on black dishes) and a serviceable set of white stoneware. My 'good' china is Villeroy/Boch Amapola, which is extremely colorful, even has some blue flowers on it, but it's not off-putting, at least to me - the middle of the plates are white, I think that makes a difference.

Am I the only weird one who gives a darn what color the plates are? And don't hesitate to say so, at least I'll know! Peace!

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