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Coffee newb question - Gibraltar in Vancouver?

grayelf | May 30, 2008 01:32 AM

I don't drink a lot of coffee so when I do I want the good stuff. I'm very partial to 49th Parallel, and won't turn up my nose at Artiggiano either. When I was in San Francisco recently, I had the best caffeinated beverage I've ever enjoyed. It was at Blue Bottle and it was called a Gibraltar. The BBCC barista said it was a cross between an espresso and a macchiato IIRC. It is apparently always served in a short glass, and should not be done decaf or with skim (at least according to another coffee co there called Rituals whose version I have not had the pleasure to sample). I've Googled a bit and am still not entirely sure what I'm looking for. One commenter said it was just a short latte but even my limited coffee cred tells me that this would not encompass the Gibraltar experience :-). Any coffee aficionados out there care to help out this plebe?

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