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CNN: "World's Best Chocolates" w/ link


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CNN: "World's Best Chocolates" w/ link

Joe H. | Feb 9, 2004 09:06 PM

Below is the link to a current article (with photographs) on CNN entitled "World's Best Chocolates." It is extremely interesting, perhaps in part, because it focuses primarily on chocolate made in the U. S.

Because I have far too many opinions and have been a practicing chocoholic since, as a baby, a fudgsicle accidentally turned up in my crib in place of a milk bottle, I nominate my two choices for world's best chocolate:

1. Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate. Exactly what the name implies. As wine from a producer is differentiated by a vintage this company believes that one year's cocoa crop is superior to another. Although I am loathe to admit this I discovered this company through one of Emeril's shows.

2. The single best chocolate shop in the world is "The Chocolate Line" in Brugges, Belgium. I believe that, in general, Belgium chocolat is superior to French (yes, I've had Christian Constant and many others) and Swiss (Spruegli-sp?). The Chocolate Line is a several hundred year old shop with a wooden floor, beamed ceiling and glass cases featuring chocolate delicasies made in the glass enclosed back room by a master chef wearing a chef's coat and chef's hat. He patiently and persistently stands over tray upon tray carefully assembling his orgasmic creations.
I should note here that the Chocolate Line will ship to the United States via express courier. An incredible gift for Valentine's Day!


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