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How do you clean your cutting board/s?


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How do you clean your cutting board/s?

Puffin3 | Aug 28, 2012 09:21 AM

I have a small maple cutting board and a very large maple cutting board. about 24"x30". I thoroughly clean them once a week. I take the large and boards outside and pour straight hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar on them and pour on some fine (cheap) salt. I scrub this mixture on the board with a really course 'scrubby pad'. I then wipe off the board with paper towels and let the boards sit in the sun to dry. I never use tap water to rinse off the mixture. I always save any 'squeezed out' limes and lemons and use them in place of the vinegar if I have any.
What do you use to clean your wooden cutting board/s that I might try?

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