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Clam Crawl itinerary!


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Clam Crawl itinerary!

C. Fox | Aug 5, 2002 03:59 PM

Finally...I've completed my bivalve research (never! well, this round anyway...) Herewith the Master Plan for our Clam Crawl.

Once again, everyone's welcome. Last I heard, we were expecting:

C. Fox & Mr. Fox
Coyote & Mr. Coyote (hmmm...might've known there'd be a canine trickster motif among chowhounds...)
Zeb & Helen
chowcat & quasi-spousal unit

But whether you're on that list or not, if you're planning to come, please e-mail me at the above address (suitably edited) to confirm and to obtain directions. Let's keep the organizational BS off this board as much as possible, OK?

Plan on bringing plenty of cash. We'll be dividing our clam orders several ways, but still, the little bastards don't come cheap. We'll be collecting donations to the site too (optional, but we're hoping to raise a few days' worth of server time!)

Also bring good sturdy walking shoes, as we plan to do some walking at beautiful Halibut Point. (Note: Halibut Pt. is rocky; we won't be hitting the beach after all.)

If it rains, we'll go ahead more or less as planned. We might skip or curtail our walk, but we'll only cancel the whole outing in case of, like, hurricane or something.

I've got a long route planned, but everything's optional -- the idea is to have a good time, not to run a marathon! You can come late, leave early, skip any stop and catch up to us later. Just keep in touch so we know when to wait for you and when not to.

NOTE: The times listed below are VERY approximate. We have ways and means of maintaining communication, however, and will make those arrangements when we gather.

2d NOTE: I checked on the alcohol situation (just for you, gg!) (g) All of our clam destinations either serve alcohol or welcome BYO.

11:30 - We meet at our rendezvous point to reconfigure ourselves into fewer vehicles. There should be parking there for 4-5 cars. Still, I advocate carpooling from Boston. There will be iced peppermint tea to stimulate our appetites. Also at this time we'll pass the hat for contributions to Chowhound.

by 12:00 - We leave for our first stop, the Lobster Pool in Rockport. This is the place that Chuck S mentioned as being in Gloucester; it's near the line. Spouse and self sacrificed a chunk of our Sunday to check it out (poor, poor us!) It's quite near Halibut Point, at the northern tip of Cape Ann.

12:40ish - arrive at Lobster Pool, fuel up for the arduous day ahead. So, to help you plan your morning, figure the first bite of the day will cross our lips just before 1pm.

1:30 - a nice walk at Halibut Point to work up a good appetite. There's a $2 parking fee here, but it's free with a Trustees of Reservations membership card (I have one; anybody else?) The URL below gives some info.

3:00 - Essex Seafood & Farnham's

4:30 - Clam Box

5:30 - Choate Bridge Pub (yes, I know it's backtracking, but this way we a) avoid the rush hour at the Clam Box and b) hit the cocktail hour at Choate Bridge!)

7:00 - for the truly tireless - White Cap Seafood, then White Farms Homemade Ice Cream, both in Ipswich

8:00? - head back to rendezvous

What do you think? Is it just too much? We can skip Choate Bridge Pub and get home a bit earlier. Let's play it by ear, see what we're still up for toward the end of the day.


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