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Christmas dinner

saucyknave | Dec 20, 2001 07:57 PM

What are you cooking for Christmas? I've ordered a well marbled standing rib and will make Yorkshire puddings. The rest is up for grabs. I want something festive, but not high cholesterol.

My theory of cooking includes having fatty foods in their best form albeit much less often. So if the butcher fails me, I may even lard and bard it. Moderation to me means balancing it by not having creamed veggies or gratins with cheese. Roasted vegetables and a salad? Any other suggestions for other low fat side dishes that are at their best without a lot of fat?

But dessert has me stumped! I want something quite festive but not too high cholesterol. Poached fruit is out, though my favorite dessert is pears poached in wine with roquefort creme anglais and the spiced wine reduced to a nectar syrup (my daughter-in-law doesn't like cooked fruit).

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