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CHRIS JERK Caribbean Bistro - A GREAT NEW FIND in Scarborough!

Charles Yu | Apr 5, 201401:27 PM     24

Although I have eaten my fair share of Jerk Chicken, Rotis, Stewed Oxtail and King Fish, I do not in anyway claim to be knowledgeable about Caribbean cuisine nor am I an expert in Jamaican food. However, I do trust my palette and I know how to tell and when food tasted really good.

My son and I was in the vicinity of Birchmount and Huntingwood when we noticed a former Shawarma hole-in-the wall place has been transformed into a quaint little Caribbean Bistro. Curious to see what this new place has to offer, we popped in to pick up a take-out menu.

Noticing a modern stainless steel counter full of great looking fried fish and a black board offering items like " Garoupa Head and Crayfish Soup ", " Escovich Trinidad Lane Snapper", " Stewed Oxtail " and a range of BBQ Jerk Chicken dishes, we were compelled to get some take out food from this place.

For this first go around, we ordered a Jerk Chicken dinner combo, the Garoupa Head and Crayfish soup and a slice of 'Rum Cake' to go.

The flavor of the chicken was unlike any Jerk chicken I have tasted here in the GTA. It was sensational! Extremely delicious and complex with just the right amount of heat. I wish I had ordered an extra BBQ Jerk Chicken wings. Great to eat with tonight's NCAA Final Four ball game. The fresh fry Plantain was greaseless and the vegetables were perfectly timed.
BTW, No wonder the chicken was so special. Here's what printed on the back of the take-out menu:

" Chef Chris Great Grandmother, a native of Portland located on the east coast of Jamaica are known for creating the Famous Jerk Chicken Tradition that has now spread to the rest of the world. "!! Wow!! An 'Indiana Jones' moment!!

The " Grouper Head and Crayfish Soup " with Dumplings, Cassava, Okra, Pumpkin, Carrots, Fresh Herbs and Spice tasted like a well made 'Spicy Bouillabaisse'. Loaded with disintegrated fish meat, gelatine and diced vegetables, this soup was delicate yet intense with full of sweet fish and shellfish umami flavor. Ay $3.80 a bowl, it is another great steal following the 'Zuppa De Pesce' of 'Shiso Leaf' last week!

However, what captured the show were not the above but the 'To Die For' Rum Cake!! OMG!!! It was so @##$$%$^^ good!! Dense yet 'super' moist, not too sweet and full of White Wine, Spices and soaked with tons of Appleton Rum. One can really taste the Rum when bitten into the cake but its the slow evaporation and release of the alcohol inside the mouth that makes the whole eating sensation so enjoyable!! I took a bite in the car park and doubled back to buy another piece!! Ha!
Together with the Basque Cake of Bar Isabelle, this must be my favorite cakes in Toronto this year.

I'm already eying the menu for what to order during my return next week.

CHRIS JERK Caribbean Bistro
2570 Birchmount Road, Scarborough,
Ontario, MIT 2M5
Tel: 416-297-5375 (jerk)

{ By the way, there's also an authentic Mexican place in the same plaza by the name of "MEXICAN LINDA". Pretty good food as well. Very nice house made Tacos with ground beef or pulled pork - see photo. }

Love to see good neighborhood places springing up all over the place! Hope they have enough customer traffic to survive!!

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