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ChowTidbit - Star Thai - O'Farrell between Hyde & Larkin

chicken_of_the_sea | Aug 22, 200301:34 AM     1


28 - PLA SALMON YANG --- $7.95

- A salmon fillet sits inside the banana leaves as if it was placed inside of what appears to be a banana-leave-boat with some very sturdy and long 'toothpicks' holding the leaves together on all sides . Actually , the salmon is not really wrapped together with leaves as the description suggests , but more like sitting inside a sturdy row-boat shape configuration made with banana leaves with toothpicks tied together around the sides of this banana-leave-boat.

- The salmon is baked and is loosely topped with (fresh?) basil leaves. Not too much natural juices coming out from the salmon fillet which made the salmon kinda dry ; nevertheless , it is very good and tasty in a way and also very well presented on a plate which had vegetables (carrots, cabbage, broccoli) and a small bowl filled with some kind of sauce which looked like 'salsa' ... salsa like those one gets with chips at a standard mexican taqueria along with some thai ingredients - chili paste , freshly chopped ginger , fish sauce , etc . I like this salsa a lot as I used it to moisten the salmon as I put small tidbits of this salsa on small tidbits of salmon fillet along with small tidbits of steam rice which i ordered as a side order. i am not a very picky chowhounder as i chowed down on the fillet with delight ... yummy!

4 --- CURRY PUFFS (Thia Samosas) --- $5.95

- Samosa (Two choices : Five pieces if vegetarian filling is ordered , four if chicken filling is ordered ) . i ordered the vegetarian so i got five pieces . Should have ordered the chicken filling samosas but i was thinking five must be better than four (not because the vege ones were not good , mind you , but i shouldn't really be eating too much food anyway) . When the samosas came , they appeared to be freshly made in that it looked like the 'mosas been made from scratch in the kitchen instead of bought the week before from Costco but i was not sure ( hay i said i am not a very picky chowhound , remember? ) ... the 'mosas were ok , tasted ok , very hot (temperature wise) with steam coming out from the inside ... well they tasted like regular curry-puffs ... did i say i am not very picky?

Thai ice tea . I wanted regular ice tea with ice cubes . they don't have it so I asked for less cream and less sugar . They said they can't do anything with the sugar (it's already in the mix) but they could put less cream. I accepted.

Service - oh yes , they filled my glass of water five times during my meal without waiting for me to ask them to do so. very nice touch. General service is very attentive in a very nice 'passive' way. table cloth napkins iirc.

Atmosphere: very clean and nicely decorated with nice thai themed painting/photos on the wall. At the moment, i wouldn't describe it as a 'hole in the wall' joint. more like cozy than like holy at the moment

Bathrooms: Two (one for gals, one for guys). Very clean in one (don't know how the other one looks like)

Overall: Good . i would go back and try others on the menu

Link: http://www.geocities.com/chickenofthe...

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