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is it un-chowish to mix cuisines in one meal?

im_nomad | May 19, 200802:46 PM

For some reason, I always wonder about this when i have one dish from one region, alongside one from another.

Example, sort of, is my casual supper tonight. I made a veggie burger wrap with mushrooms, seasonings and cheddar, topped with jalapeno mustard (Beaver brand btw...yum!)...but I had already made a side dish of kohlrabi and carrot salad, which in addition to peanut butter, included rice vinegar and sesame oil in the dressing...pretty much asian. It was a pretty good meal, all told. No one ate it but me.

Am I doing my food a disservice when i do stuff like this? It's not very often , and the above example is not totally distinct, but it has happened. Like when i've had friends over and made crab rangoon as a pre-dinner snack (on the request of a friend, who loved them), with dinner being lasagna and salad.

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