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Chowing with the Hounds Volunteers Appetizer Potluck Report

The Picnic Hounds | Jun 30, 200301:35 PM     24

Yesterday, the first group of volunteers for the October Picnic got together to get a good head start on the logistics of putting together a picnic for 100 people. Yes, we worked, but we also had a lot of fun. Everyone brought an appetizer to share. Everything was so tasty, I just have to tell you about it.

We had:

A lovely selection of olives – two different kinds of green olives, some black wrinkly olives and a spiced olive mix.
Bacon & Egg Tart (really a quiche with puff pastry crust)
Little sausages with 6 different kinds of mustard (Tasty Dona Juanita sausages with paprika)
Cucumber Salad – thinly sliced cucumbers & onions in a rice wine vinegar sauce, the jalapenos in this dish made it spicy which was quite nice
Fruit plate – all sorts of bite-sized fruits & berries with an excellent crème fraiche & mint dip
Tomato Tart – this looked and tasted beautiful, big wheels of tomato nestled in a tart with a puff pastry crust
Antipasto Plate – a lovely addition to any meal - salami, marinated cheese, olives & breadsticks. Yum.
Carrots & toasted sun-dried tomato bread with dip – I don’t know what kind of dip this was (help?) but it was creamy and nicely complimented the sweetness of the carrots and crunch of the toasts (sun-dried tomato bread? What a great idea!)
Sliced Sausage & Pickles – made a perfect bite
Curried crepes with sautéed veggies – I loved this dish, there was curry in the crepe batter which gave them a big flavor boost and the veggies were sautéed just the right amount so they were cooked but still had some snap to them.
Chocolate Chip Cookies – I was stuffed but did manage to get one bite of Michael’s cookie. It was a delightful end to a fabulous dinner of appetizers.

Was that everything? If I forgot something it is only because I was so stuffed and happy.

Melanie donated a mixed case of wine to the event – I forgot to take notes but I do remember that for the whites we had a bottle of pinot gris, reisling and chardonnay.

Of course, we did some work. We talked about what we liked best about previous picnics and where we had opportunities for improvement. We discussed the various working committees and what their responsibilities would be. And we scheduled the next volunteer potluck!!

If you would like to volunteer and join us in our planning fun, contact us at thepicnichounds@yahoo.com. Below is the list of committees that need help and what they do, let us know if you are interested in a particular committee. We’d love to have you!

Communications / Public Relations – manages FAQs, general communications and informational posts about the picnic

Food Coordination & Contest – makes sure the dish categories are balanced. Runs the contest (ballots, counting, prizes)

Tasting and Demonstration – puts together a tasting or demonstration of some sort with educational material

Equipment (aka “the scavengers”) – a team of talented individuals who work with other committees to get them the supplies they need (preferably through donations, otherwise purchased at a really good price)

Registration – the check-in and welcome desk the day of the picnic

Safety – makes sure we all have a good time in a safe environment the day of the picnic

Clean-up/Lost & Found – cleans up after the event, tries to find owners of left items.

Reporters & Photographers – documents and reports the picnic

Entertainment & Games – injects extra fun into the picnic with music, games or some activity (and maybe even burn a few calories).

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