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Chowhoundish Links?

Zim | Feb 22, 2002 11:48 AM

from time to time i come across some really interesting food related web sites. Sometimes I see an opportunity to post them here and i do, I am sure, however, that i've missed many in my perusal of the boards and wondered if folks had some good ones they wanted to suggest (that aren't already linked off the other chowish sites page). I'm not really talking about recipe sites, because there are too many of these to really make a good accounting of, but stuff that might be a little more unusual to come by. Do folks have others? As a bonus, next time the chowhound team is lloking to gather links, they'll have it all in one handy thread.
here are a couple of interesting links I have found:
The gyros project which is an homage to the art of gyros stands, mostly in chicago but a few elsewhere. For me its what the web was really meant for once it got out of the hands of the military (other than chowhound of course)
and a while back i suggested this great site on kimchi, really beautifully done
another kimchi one is at:
I'm also oddly drawn to the condiment packet gallery:

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