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Chowhounding tips redux - SERVICE


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Chowhounding tips redux - SERVICE

Stanley Stephan | Jul 25, 2002 01:10 AM

If you ask a waiter what's good and they seem evasive (usually because they're afraid that if you don't like what they recommend that you'll hold it against them), quickly change the wording to "what do a lot of your customers order?" (which lets them off the hook) (Jim Leff )

Be as nice as you can to the staff at the restaurant and tip exceptionally if you like the place enough to come back. I've gotten tiny freebies like a glass of wine once or twice, and the staff tend remember when I come back. (Limster)

When the waiter provides recommendations, they are probably good bets if he or she specifically mentions one or two dishes; if the person starts to go all over the menu, you're better off choosing yourself. (Limster)

At one time I asked the server "What do you suggest?" I usually find the more expensive dishes are pushed. Lately I'm asking "What do you recommend that will make me come back and bring my friends".(Stanley Stephan)

Avoid any place that has it's servers do a line dance every half hour. (Pat I.)

Avoid restaurants with costumed, roller-skating, or singing servers (Mr Grub)

Avoid any place where the wait staff is compelled to sit with you to explain the menu. (Pat I.)

Avoid places where the waiters feel compelled to write their name on your tablecloth. (Pat I.)

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