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Chow 'secrets' in Montreal

hungryann | May 4, 2008 08:19 PM

The recent post on inexpesive places not too miss and the revelation of Boustan's secrets, i.e. the creation sandwich and the half 'n half, has got me thinking that there must be tons of other 'secrets' out there for Montreal chow.
Sooo, I think the time has come for all of you to spill the beans! I want to know what have you been holding out? What is the small hole in the wall that you've been going to and never thought of mentionning before on chowhound? What are those items you order that aren't on the menu? What's that place you don't mention here because you have a secret fear it will become too popular and go downhill?
Let's not talk about the same 20-30 places we always recommend to people visiting (not that they aren't worthy) but let's go beyond that; if you do bring up the usual suspects, it has to be something that isn't widely known. For example, Boustan with the creation pita that isn't on the standard menu.
I will start: Piccadilly bakery on Ogilvy street sells a whole spinach pie (spanakopita) which is as close to homemade as you can get without doing it yourself. The pastry dough is nice and crunch (not commercial phyllo) and there is over an inch of fillings (spinach, other greens and feta) for about 12$. It is excellent and you will get 8 good sized pieces out of it. you have to ask for it at the counter since it is not on display and they run out quickly on the weekends so get there early! So, I never willingly held out on this but it just never occurred to me before.
So, Montreal chowhounds, now it's your turn to give up the hidden gems in your chow repertoire!

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