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New "Chow" magazine


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New "Chow" magazine

Tom G | Dec 2, 2002 09:50 AM

An article in the Thanksgiving edition of the SF Chronicle mentions a new magazine in the offing...and it's called "Chow"...and it's all about food...

Any trademark violations there, Jim???
CHOW FUN: The roller-coaster experience of working for the Industry Standard did nothing to dampen Jane Goldman's enthusiasm for magazine startups.

She was editor of the Standard when it folded, which was the No. 2 job at the magazine, and is now assembling a team to start a food magazine called Chow.

Aren't the checkstands filled with food magazines? Is there room for another one next to Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Saveur, Cooking Light, et al.?

"It's a whole new approach to food," Goldman said. "It's for a younger reader. . . The food magazines that are out now are great. Each one does a great job at what it's doing, but we are going to be doing something different.

"We're touching on a wider audience -- people who love food as I do but might not feel as attracted to the food magazines that are out there now. They're a little serious and a little bit reverent, and that's exactly what we're not. We're serious about food but definitely not reverent."

Goldman, who's creating Chow from her San Francisco home, has national aspirations for her publication. "It takes a lot of money to launch a magazine, " she said, without saying how much she's raising.

Goldman apologizes for keeping a tight lid on most of the details, such as who's helping her and who's backing her. "It's just too early," she said.

She hopes to have Chow out by next fall. She's working full time, without pay, and is getting help from a far-flung team of designers, photographers, ad salespeople and others.

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