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What's YOUR Chow?

jrvedivici | Jan 29, 201509:43 AM     5

Let’s talk Chow……I started a thread on my local (NJ) board asking my fellow NJ members how they felt our little piece of the Chow world is holding up. Pleasantly surprised, it seemed most of my local NJ hounds find our board to be holding up fairly well. One thing I found interesting were the various reasons people participated on Chow. This got me wondering; What’s your Chow?

I thought it would be an interesting read and good for our new community manager (let’s give Marssy a hand here, I’m very happy with her efforts to date) to see in one thread, why we come to Chow and what we use it for. Personally when I first joined Chow it was to post reviews. Actually, I was so pissed off after an experience at a new local chain, my reason for joining Chow was a hate review. I was so disappointed in my experience I just had to share how dismal I thought this new restaurant was. Writing and reading reviews was the primary draw of me joining the community, but over time I’ve ventured out of our lil local board, onto the many of the other boards. While my home board is still my primary focus of interest, I do enjoy Site Talk, and participating in the dialogs about board issues, General Topics is a fun pot luck type board…..others are Food News and Media and Chains. Ohhhhh……I also enjoy the Spirits board as well, but it’s a little slow there sometimes.

So my friends……where do you find your value in Chow? Reviews……Home Cooking/Recipes……Travel Tips/Foreign Locations……Voyeur (yes you are going to have to participate to admit you just enjoy reading)……Articles……????
Let’s see “What’s your Chow!”

A quick memory to share with you all…….when I first joined Chow, an established member of the board by the handle MGZ took me under his wing. More Drill Sergeant than Cheer Captain, he was tough on me…..made sure I had what it took to be a hound……I remember this exchange like it was yesterday;

MGZ: Why would a slick little hustler like you want to sign up for this kind of abuse anyway?
Me: I want to write reviews sir.
MGZ: My grandmamma wants to write reviews
Me: I wanted it since I was a kid
MGZ: We’re not talking about writing reviews here, we’re talking about character
Me: I’ve changed; I’ve changed since I’ve been here
MGZ: The hell you have
Me: I’ve changed Sir…….
MGZ: You just polished up your act a little bit, just shined it up. Now tell me what I want to hear…..I want your email and password…….
Me: No Sir.
MGZ: I want your email and password………
Me: I’m not going to quit.
MGZ: Spell IT! e-m-a-i-l & p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d
Me: I aint going to quit
MGZ: Yeah, then you can be free and you and your daddy can get drunk, and go out happy hour chasing again, huh?
Me: I ain’t going to quit
MGZ: Ok then forget it you’re out!!!
Me: Don’t You Do It!!! Don’t you…….I GOT NO WHERE ELSE TO GO…….I got no where else to g………….I got nothing else…..

(Bonus points for naming that movie)

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