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Chopped egg in tuna salad?? Is that strange?

LizGraphix | Mar 3, 200804:38 PM

So, I love Doughboys but, on one recent visit I tried the Grandma Rose's Special. It's a Huge bowl of quite excellent chicken noodle soup accompanied by a tuna melt which they describe on their menu as follows: grandma rose’s rainy day special: a grilled tuna melt made with our butter toasted sourdough, sharp cheddar, and a big slather of tuna salad made with solid white tuna (no goofy pickle relish). it’s served with a big bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup filled with lots of chicken, egg noodles, and carrots. $8.75

So, the first time I had this the problem was they used Swiss cheese instead of the traditional (and listed) sharp cheddar. I knew it was wrong on the first bite and they happily fixed it. The Swiss unfortunately made the sandwich too "sweet" ... as swiss can be.

The second time I ordered this (for take out) I reminded them the make sure I got cheddar. The guy on the phone seemed to understand and commented back that sometimes they get a little "creative" in the kitchen. I picked up my order, got home to Los Feliz, loved the soup ... but imagine my shock (and horror) when this time I bit into my sandwich and it had more egg than tuna! And I am someone who hates egg salad!!! I called, and the guy on the phone seemed annoyed with me this time, telling me that was how they make it. I was really upset he was telling me this because I have had their tuna salad many times and this was the first time it ever had egg in it. So, perhaps this was the NEW recipe. regardless .. yuck!!

Either way, the bottom line is that a restaurant should properly explain their foods on the menu. Many people (including me) have serious egg aversions (due to the sulphur) and need to know about it's inclusion. Further, I love Doughboys but was disappointed with how this was handled. The guy knew I was a regular and had this before ... so I would know if the egg were unusual. To respond with so little understanding and not accept any fault (especially when they didn't even mention the egg in the menu listing) is just rude ... and disappointing to someone who has been a huge supporter.

Since I've never heard of this before I'd love to hear opinions on this. Is this something regional? From where? Who likes this and who doesn't? I'm open to all responses and experiences.

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