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Chinese food and wine

Midlife | Apr 24, 2005 05:57 PM

There is an interesting thread going, on a UseNet wine board I frequent, about the supposed lack of interesting and appropriate wine choices available in Chinese restaurants, regardless of location and price range. I thought the subject would get some interest here.

The original post bemoaned the fact that, even at a very up-scale Chinese restaurant in NYC, there was a very poor selection of wines to be had by the glass. This grew into a discussion about the lack of 'better' wine at Chinese restaurants in general, and on to some suggestion that Chinese restaurant cuisine and better 'Western' wine are just not offered together for the most part, and for a number of reasons. I'm wondering what Chowhounds think about that.

If I had to guess, I'd personally conclude that this is largely true, but only because good Chinese cuisine is authentic/traditional and 'Western' style wines are not part of that tradition. Lord knows I've toasted with enough Shao Hsing over dinners in Taiwan to know that at least rice wine and Chinese food do go together, with some level of autheticity and tradition. And I have, occasionally, found a reasonable wine list at a Chinese restaurant, though nothing particularly memorable.

I've read that US wine exports to Asia are growing rapidly and also that 'Western'-style wines are being produced in China these days, so it's possible the poster will find things changing soon.

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