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chinese in conshohocken... a tale of a girl on a mission


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chinese in conshohocken... a tale of a girl on a mission

brynn | May 19, 2006 10:56 PM

my timing may sound funny, as i am moving from conshy in a month, but nonetheless i am on a quest for the best chinese takeout in town. actually, it does make perfect sense: i have to keep my house "model home-like" which means NOT cooking my big italian dinners and trashing the kitchen. chinese takeout it is, then... every night.

i've gotten takeout from my reigning favorite, china king II (behind scoops) at LEAST 15 times in the last 30 days. thus, the need to shake it up. so far, i'm aware of a grand total of 3 chinese places within a couple miles' radius. if you can give me some more names/addresses, i'll check them out and review. for now, i'm limited to china king II, win wah and hunan wok.

to keep it fair, i'm sticking to the same orders; a vegetable roll and three dishes (on different nights, not all at once!): general tso's tofu, sesame tofu and tomatoes, onions and tofu (i'm vegetarian, if you can't tell!). i am mixing it up between takeout and delivery.

china king II: this crappy-looking little joint behind scoops is quite possibly the best chinese cuisine i've ever tasted. very rarely "gel-y," always piping hot, always chock-full of flavor. and hey, the oil in the deep fryer here, in all seriousness is superb. just get an eggroll and try to tell me otherwise. best grease in town. the sesame seeds are usually flavorful and give the sesame tofu an interesting depth. the tomatoes and onions with tofu are fat and juicy. the general tso's is generally tasty though i wish they would turn up the heat, spice-wise. i ask for spicy, extra-spicy and really, no-reeeeeeeeeeally extra spicy, but i'm missing out on the heat. another slight downside: i like my tofu deep-fried for health reasons ;) (kidding...come on, it's chinese takeout, the law states it must clog arteries) and ever so occasionally they forget to fry the tofu. nonetheless, i survive, because they use a very high-quality tofu. also, my meat-eater friends are never nearly as excited about their meat dishes as they are about MY tofu. this place does tofu right... not so sure about meat. surely do NOT get the faux-meat - i made that mistake once. on the upside, the lady that works the counter is the friendliest ever. she recognizes me when i call, now, too. and when i get my food delivered, it arrives within 15 minutes consistently.

win wah: you've seen this place if you've driven fayette street; it's just across from the great american pub and the boathouse. tonight was my second win wah experience since i've lived here. i know a lot of people from this board rave about them, but i just can't find the attraction. i can't detect anything that sets them apart from any other ole' chinese restaurant. only advantage to this place is its dine-in tables. my first time, i did dine in. you can't help but be a little put off right from the start: upon walking in, you're faced with a tiny goldfish tank crammed with way too many koi. all the while seated on the bench those fishes' faces pleaded to me in the form of little mouth "o"'s. my food was quick to arrive, and i brought it home with me to tear in. at first glance, i can tell my general tso's tofu is "gel-y". you know what i'm talking about. that icky translucent ooze. the tofu quality is subpar, even though the cubes are deep-fried just how i like them. but the oil from this place is noticably different than china king II's... it lacks in flavor. this is even more apparent in my vegetable roll, which otherwise is essentially the same as china king II's. this particular vegetable roll is dripping with too much oil, and there isn't a richness to the oil. i know that richness probably comes from reasons i don't want to know, but i don't care. win wah advantage: they give out crispy noodles with their meals. i love crispy noodles. again, with the health thing. ;) the broccoli here is noticably less fresh. and as i work my way through my general tso's tofu, i keep munching on random hard bits. not sure what part of tofu or broccoli might be hard, so i'm a bit scared to continue on.

the final tally:
china king: 9/10
win wah: 4/10
hunan wok's review will likely come before the weekend is up.

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