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Childish reaction to food at resto?

maddogg280 | Mar 5, 200812:52 PM

My hubby and I dined with a 40 yr old girlfriend of mine. She agreed to do sushi if it was 'cooked' You know - where the hole roll is fried, or the center is made with crab or shrimp that's already cooked.
She's eaten 'cooked' sushi with us in the past at a different restaurant nearby and really enjoyed it. As per our usual custom, I'm allowed to be the 'order-NAZI' and I always over-order, getting far more than our party of four could possibly eat (like 8 specialty rolls?).
Well, the rolls came and looked gorgeous and huge. We all dug in and she started to behave like a complete child- making faces and gagging movements. (BTW- her reasoning for not eating 'raw' fish is that it is too dangerous for one's health- too many bacteria, too much possibility of picking up illness/bugs) She continued this face-puckering, hand movements and verbal complaining throughout the meal. It was to the point of motor-mouth childishness, where my hubby and I, and our other friend were in shock.
I simply didn't know how to react and turned away, continuing to speak to my hubby as though nothing was happening. The restaurant was crowded and noisy, so I doubt others noticed what was going on at our table, but frankly, I was uncomfortable to the point of wanting to get up and leave. It was not a fun meal, to say the least.
I've known her for a while and she's always had food hang-ups, insisting that everything be cooked to death. This particular experience was unbelievable. We are hesitant to share another meal with her.
What would you have done? Clearly, we'll never invite her for sushi again, but I am not sure if I could have handled the situation any better?

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