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Chestnut ice cream report

Carb Lover | Oct 18, 200501:57 PM

My ice cream making has slowed down a bit w/ cooler weather and daydreams of braising and baking, but I finally attempted a chestnut ice cream last week. Pictured below, this was a doozy of a failure, but you win some, you lose some. I'm reporting to follow up w/ petradish and also have a couple of questions below.

The picture captures some of the graininess from the meaty chestnut puree and the poor texture and scoopability. Had the greasy slick that made me gag and merely tasted like chestnut puree w/ cream and sugar mixed in. The individual components never quite melded into one creamy mass. I haven't touched it after my first taste. Just one of those where you shrug and don't want to even look at it again.

Admittedly, I didn't put tons of thought into this one. I adapted it from a recipe in "Crave" by Ludovic Lefevre of Bastide in LA. His recipe suggests to layer the chestnut puree btwn. the ice cream, but I wanted the chestnut to infuse all throughout so combined it into his ice cream recipe.

What I basically did: Made a simple syrup of 1 part water to 1 part sugar. In my blender, combined heavy cream, little corn syrup, and unsweetened chestnut puree (imported from France). Then combined this w/ simple syrup and added pinch salt. I debated whether I should simmer this over heat but it was quite thick already and I didn't want to alter the chestnut flavor.

If I were to attempt this again: Egg yolks would help to emulsify and simmering over heat would probably give it nice body. The texture of the chestnut puree really bothered me. Perhaps straining through a cheesecloth after chilling overnight would help. Also, I've never really used corn syrup before, but the recipe called for it and I wondered if it would improve texture. Took a taste and !yuck!, that stuff is nasty straight. I don't understand why honey or simple syrup wouldn't be preferable.

Here are my questions:

1. Now I have a whole jar of corn syrup. What can I use it for??! I believe it's used in different confections, but I'm worried that I won't like the result if I don't like corn syrup to begin with.

2. I have about a half cup of unsweetened chestnut puree left over. Any brilliant ideas for such a small amount?

3. I'm probably going to toss the ice cream soon, but any ideas for repackaging it into something tasty?

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