cheeses you can get in Canada but are illegal in the U.S.


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cheeses you can get in Canada but are illegal in the U.S.

Stevens | Jun 7, 2001 06:20 PM

After reading the thread about 'smuggling the extra fatty', in the Montreal group, which brings to light the fact that some foods, like certain cheeses, are illegal in the U.S. but not in Canada, I thought I'd ask this in the general board: What are some names of cheese that I can try in Canada that are downright illegal in the U.S.? Does the border patrol keep a list of 'illegal cheeses' or can they really tell just by name which is unpasturized for less than 60 days and which are not? My understanding is, this is the criteria for illegal cheese in the U.S.--if it is an unpasturized cheese aged for less than 60 days.

I actually did try stopping at a couple of cheese stores in Montreal and Toronto on previous visits to ask about which cheeses I might try which are not allowed in the U.S., but they didn't have a clue. I even explained that I wanted an unpasturized cheese aged for less than 60 days, but I don't think they really knew for sure how long they were aged. For this reason, I'd like some help in knowing what to try, which fits my question. It would be a novelty knowing that I was sampling a kind of cheese in Canada, knowing I wouldn't be able to do the same thing south of the border. I'm also told the flavor is much better for certain cheeses, which is the reason I want to try them to compare, not because I'm itching to try some forbidden fruit. Well, maybe that's part of it too. But I'm not looking to go to Amsterdam to freely try drugs too! Can anyone tell me what to try? (Kinds of cheese that is!) Any info would be appreciated.

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