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Cheese rind video: WHAT WAS THAT?


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Cheese rind video: WHAT WAS THAT?

moh | Jul 20, 2008 01:42 PM

I was quite horrified to see this video on Chowhound. In this video, the presenter basically tells you not to eat the rind of cheese! Any cheese! There is no attempt to qualify this statement, no attempt to talk about cheeses where the rind may indeed be edible.

I've already commented that this was the stupidest, most myopic thing I have ever seen on this site. I am embarrassed that this video is even on the site. I think this video should be removed. This video is everything that Chowhounders should be fighting against.

I would like to know who decides about content on Chow, and who decides that this guy is somehow qualified to talk about cheese on a public forum video. Anyone care to comment?

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