Cheese-aholics ? Do you Blue Cheese ? International Cheese Platters ?


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Cheese-aholics ? Do you Blue Cheese ? International Cheese Platters ?

foodeditormargaux | Aug 23, 2012 07:40 AM

I am a new member from Italy and would enjoy hearing from all Chow Hound Members on the topic referenced :

Born and bred in Italy, we practice the Mediterranean Trilogy of: cheese, crusty bread & wine.

To move on to blue vein cheeses, we are very fond of :

Lombardia D.O. Designation of Origin Gorgonzola aged or sweet 3 to 6 month old

Asturias D.O. Cabrales Picón

France D.O. Roquefort

When preparing an international cheese platter, I depending who is invited for lunch, brunch, cocktail hour or Aperitif / Tapas or Meze Hour ( 8pm - 9pm or 20.00 hours to 21.00 hours ), there is always:

2 blues
1 fresh French and 1 fresh Spanish goat variety
1 tender Galician, Spanish Smoked cow variety
1 cured ewe variety
1 aged in cave Sardinian Ewe variety

Since my husband is a Vet specialising in Bovine Medicine and Nutrition,

Photo Courtesy: Consejo de Regulador ( President of Regulation ) of Cabrales, Asturias, Spain.

Best regards, Margaux.

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