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The Chatty Bagger at the Grocery Store

nothingswrong | Mar 10, 201412:18 AM

I frequent a "high-end" grocery store in my area with high quality produce and meat, amazing flowers, and floors so clean you could eat off of them. I don't mind paying a little extra for all of the above, as well as amazing customer service (sample anything before you buy, special orders just for you, and they urge you to return bad produce).

Part of this customer service is expedited checkouts and young men who walk your groceries to your car (if you'd like them to). Each checkout stand has one person ringing up your food, one person bagging, and one person at-the-ready with an extra shopping cart in case you've picked up a few too many items or have wobbly wheels or need a hand to your car.

It might sound very bourgeois, but it really expedites your trip and makes last-minute runs to the store (in L.A.) much quicker.

I often do head there around 5:30 or 6 PM and just need one or two things--a steak, a few 'taters, etc. and I go to the 10 Items or Less lane since the store's always packed around that time.

Lately there has been a 50-something YO woman bagging in that lane who talks incessantly to every single customer about every single thing they're purchasing, the weather, their clothing, their kids, the news, the Oscars, newly released movies, etc.

I'm not a grump and I enjoy pleasantries as much as anyone else, but this woman yammers on to the point that the line gets held up, people are frustrated and literally dropping their groceries on the floor and leaving empty-handed. This woman is so happy and smiley that it's impossible to be rude. She will bag your groceries and hold them back behind the counter--out of reach--until she's done talking/playing 20 Questions.

First world problem, I know, but what would you do in a situation like this? If I wasn't in a hurry and was the only one in line, I'd happily indulge her. But after my last trip on Friday evening--where my bf was waiting for the meat with a hot grill at home, and there were 6 people in line behind me--I've just had it with this lady. I purposely got out my cell phone and called my dear mother during checkout (which I know is RUDE but I was trying to avoid the chatty bagger) and she STILL started asking me all of these questions. Including but not limited to what the "thing is" hanging out of my arm (I have a PICC line for IV medication).

I can't take this lady anymore. Someone help! I don't want to get her in trouble, but she needs to just keep it to "Oh I love your dress" or "This is great chocolate" or a simple "Have a great day."

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