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charcoal grills

jake pine | Apr 23, 2002 09:36 PM

In the latest Cook's Illustrated, they do a comparison between a whole host of different grills. When I began reading the article, I was not expecting to have my mind changed. I am a Weber kind of guy, simple, deep, portable, sturdy, and no-frills. My mind was changed. The grill that won was a New Braunfels, Sante Fe model. Some of the amenities included the ability to adjust the cooking rack to change the proximity to the fire being able to add coals to the fire mid-fire to keep it going, ash deposit, end tables. All things the Weber does not have. Its price is approximately the same as the Weber's.

Does anyone have any personal experience with this grill? Is it worth my changing from a Weber man to a New Braunfels man (it definitely does not have the same ring)?

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