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change in venue

KaimukiMan | Oct 9, 2010 05:09 PM

a friend has started to date someone new, hooray. the newbie's birthday is today, great. the gang is going out to celebrate and meet newbie.... wonderful

here is the crux, the 'host' has changed minds about where to eat 3x now. and by host, i don't mean the person paying. it will be dutch, although presumably host will be covering newbie's food as it is someone who is not (yet) a friend in common. the venue was originally a favorite pizza place that would have run about $10 - $12 each and allows byob for the 2/3 of us who choose to imbibe. after two changes the venue is now a korean buffet place with marginal food and a cost of $22 per person plus tip and tax, in addition we will have to purchase beverages, so its going to be around $35 per person.

as we had all agreed on the date and time, we can't claim we have a conflict, and bowing out simply because of cost seems churlish. i suppose there really isn't a decent resolution, but i hope others keep this in mind when making their own plans. you could be putting your friends in a real bind. i'm lucky, (this month) its not going to make or break the bank.

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