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Ceramic Muffin "Tin"

marzeth | Apr 19, 2007 10:30 AM

I'm locking for a recommendation for a ceramic 12-cup piece of bakeware for standard-sized muffins. I have used metal ones (common nonstick surfaces) for a while; the results have been fine, but my pan has bend over rounded rims which make cleaning hard. They always seem to accumulate rust and gunk underneath. All the traditional surfaced ones (aluminum, I guess) also seem to have those sort of folded edges. It seems like something ceramic (stoneware?) would avoid that, retain heat for browning nicely, and look more attractive as well. Something from a manufacturer like Emile Henry would be great, though it does not look like they make such a thing.

I would also consider something in Pyrex (I guess technically that is ceramic also), but I think more traditional pottery, maybe with some sort of dishwasher safe glaze, would be more attractive (also whenever I see Pyrex I remember the stories of exploding bakeware...).

Expensive is fine; I would rather pay more and get something I really like than economize.

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