Between two Cazuelas


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Between two Cazuelas

lagom | May 9, 2013 07:10 AM

I came across two similar, lidded cazuelas at TK Maxx and couldn't determine on the spot which shape was more preferable. So I brought them both home. However, kitchen space is an issue and I cook for two most of the time so I'm having a hard time justifying keeping both. To those of you who are more experienced, which shape is the most versatile?

taller and narrower: 9" x 4" or 23cm x 10cm
shorter and wider: 10" x 2.5" or 25cm x 7cm

After some quick research, I think the ones I bought are so-called Spanish Terracotta 'Gres.' They're glazed brown inside, glazed beige on the outside and the bottom is unglazed terracotta.

I understand they're primarily used in Spanish and South American cuisine but are adaptable to other earthenware preparations. Paula Wolfert mentions them and I plan to import her highly recommended 'Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking' after I cook my way through The Food of Morocco which I bought last week.

If you have further suggestions I'd really appreciate it. Thanks all!

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