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The Carnivore's Manifesto (book)

MagnoliaGardens | Jan 20, 201510:36 PM

Just finished reading The Carnivore's Manifesto (Patrick Martins "with Mike Edison"). I went into this without any previous background, going solely with Amazon's recommendations based on my previous string of (enjoyable/informative) books. The subtitle captures the book perfectly: Eating Well, Eating Responsibly & Eating Meat.

Pretty solid conceptually, not terribly tough to grasp, and some good anecdotes about 'clean eating' and the approach personally & commercially. He dispels the notion that 'eating local' is always better, though can be important. Includes the clichéd but informative notion that understanding the killing process is paramount to being a responsible eater.

Overall, I think it's written a bit too colloquially; it's not that Martins (and Edison) can't be articulate, informative or sharp; it's that they mix in phrases like "real Unabomber shit," which literally denigrates the body of work. It is written in a compelling format - short, targeted chapters - though the fact that one of the chapters was, um, "written by a pig," speaks to the underlying annoyance I couldn't shake. But I finished it and I'm glad I read it.

Regardless, worth a check if only because the rest of your food/culinary reading has dried up. Won't take you too long - physically small pages, large margins and a large font, coupled with the chapter size, means that it's maybe a four hour total read.

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