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Low carb pancakes, outstanding!

zackly | Mar 17, 2014 06:52 AM

I always get a kick when I read reviews of food substitutes for the real (carbohydrate) thing, like those fish smelling, slimy Asian tofu noodles, or any low carb pasta,watery spaghetti squash, diet soft drinks, cookies all are an acquired taste at best. When people rave about them I scratch my head and wonder do they just want to believe or do they have an agenda? It's like The Emperors New Clothes. Well today I tried something that deserved the hype, low carb pancakes made with almond meal/flour. They are fantastic & truly might choose them over regular white flour buttermilk pancakes in a blind taste test. They are that good! I paired them with Spring Tree brand sugar free maple syrup & butter and did not feel I was compromising a thing. I'm happy I found another low carb breakfast option to eggs. Breakfast has always meant carbs to me. Note: I added a half teaspoon baking powder for leavening to this simple recipe:

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