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Cancelling Etiquette

njensen | Oct 12, 2007 11:12 AM

Here's a question & a general vent for everyone out there...

The Question...

When is the appropriate lead time to cancel on someone once you have accepted an invitation?

The Vent...
I guess knowing at some point before the party is better than not knowing at all...but geez cancelling two days before is ridiculous! Don't people think that there is any preparation involved. Don't they understand that I stayed up until midnight making pie dough so that everyone who said they were coming could take home a homemade apple pie and then they cancel and I now I have way more pie dough than is needed? Don't people know that there is a difference between creating a menu that is a buffet for 18 people and a sit down meal for 10. Maybe I just have a bit of pre-party crankiness - but a lot of work goes into hosting a party that is going to be a fun time and then people cancel at the last minute and ruin my party mojo. Am I just being uptight - or has RSVP etiquette gone down the tubes?

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