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Calorie Labeling Tricks Rant


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Calorie Labeling Tricks Rant

Chiisanahime | Mar 26, 2012 02:30 AM

Instant noodles are one of my guilty pleasures.

Today I purchased a few of Nong Shim's "Bowl Noodle Soup"s, thinking they were only 190 calories a package. Turns out, each package supposedly contains 2 servings! I should have known it was too good to be true. Nissin does the same thing with their "Chow Mein" instant noodles.
How (and why) would you ever divide up a bowl of instant noodles? It'd be like cutting a hamburger in half or sharing a fun-sized bag of chips...which is fine, but is certainly not the norm.

While I've encountered this ploy before, I never imagined that a company would have the nerve to claim that a self-contained cup of microwave noodles should (somehow) be split in two. It strikes me as an unsavory way of conducting business. In other words -- what a dick move.

I know I shouldn't expect junk food to be low in calories. But I'd rather someone wasn't trying to hustle me into thinking it was.

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