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cake baking/frosting/filling - some questions

felice | Mar 3, 200404:10 PM

I have never baked a cake from scratch before, but I think I want to try it. I have a few reference books and I've read through them, but I still have a few questions they didn't answer.

1) how much better does the homemade cake taste cuz I think the stuff out of the box tastes pretty good (frosting from the store, on the other hand, is nasty). The average chocolate cake in a box is moist and not too sweet, although the chocolate flavor is a little weird.

2) what kind of cake pan should I get (nonstick? 8", 9", dark or light colored?)

3) i would like to make miniature cakes, since I don't have roommates/children. how would i adapt the baking time and temperature for smaller cakes?

4) what does buttercream frosting taste like? Most of the recipes I have for frosting are called buttercream, but I have no idea what this is. So far, I know that I want to avoid sugar frostings. My favorite frostings are mousse-like or whip-cream-like : light, soft, and not too sweet. For birthdays, I really like the cakes from chinese bakeries - what kind of filling/frosting do they use?

I was originally supposed to take a cake making class, but just found out today that it was cancelled due to low enrollment. They told me the class would be offered again in the fall, but I'm impatient and can't wait that long. Thanks for your help!

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