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Burned Sticker Residue on Mauviel Pan (accidentally posted as Q&A)

lauraqq | Mar 19, 201512:38 PM

Whoops, meant to post this as a Q&A and now I can't respond to people. Sorry for the repost!

Let me preface this message by saying I have severe mommy brain and am so embarrassed by the stupidity I've exhibited...

My new Mauviel pan had a really stubborn sticker residue. I tried soaking in hot water with no luck when I decided to heat the pan over very low heat with water in it. But then I forgot about the pan when my baby started freaking out. About a half hour later, I started smelling something funky. My new pan is burnt where the residue was and stained around the pan! I tried baking soda and bar keeper's friend. It won't come off. Any ideas? Am I screwed??? Please tell me this isn't irreversible damage!

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