dinaofdoom | Apr 30, 201108:28 PM     41

the only reason i heard about this place was a localiter deal the other day.
apparently, i've been passing it by when out on errands.
it's at lake creek and 183, in the plaza with the HEB and 24 hour fitness.
and, it's right next to los reyes, but they only have a banner so it's easy to miss.
it used to be the NYC style pizza place that went out of business a while back.

the decor was off-putting.
there is chain-link fence surrounding the grill area.
the tables are waaaaay too small for the 4-top they want to be.
and there are some hideous metal sculptures protruding from the tables.
they are not really using their space and layout wisely, but maybe that will change.

but, it's really about the food.

there is a real lack of decent burger options in the area.
moonie's, to me, is awful, and i can't understand why people like them.
i heard this place is from the screaming goat people, but i didn't see anything verifying that.

despite the goofy name, this is a flavorful burger with a nice char.
they put the cheese inside, so it's in essence a "stuffed" burger.
the bun was not too sweet (i know some people hate that).
it was griddled and shone proudly with a slight sheen of butter.
the veg came on the side, to keep them crisp and fresh:
butter lettuce (nice touch), onion, (red!) tomatoes, and a few pickle chips.

the combo is quite a good deal at $8.50 compared to a la carte prices:
choose any style burger, any side, and a fountain soda.

you get a lot of options:
patties include not just beef, but ground turkey, chicken breast, tilapia, portobello, and veg burger.
buns include white, wheat, or gluten free.
the set-ups include frito-pie and a fajita choices in addition to your usual suspects.
the sides run from onion rings, fries, cheese fries, and sweet potato fries.

today, i went with the bacon bleu.
the bleu cheese was inside, and so each bite of beef had a taste of cheese.
i didn't have to worry about it sliding off or sticking to the bun.
the bacon was two pieces, freshly fried so they were nice and hot and crispy.
there was also a cajuny remoulade of some sort, which gave it a nice kick.
my side was the onion rings, and it was a very generous portion considering it was the combo.
it came in its own basket, and were not too thick both in onion slices or breading, which i hate.

the fountain drinks are really special:
in addition to dublin dr. pepper, they have 5 maine root flavors, too.
i had a little of the "pink drink" (tasty cactus lemonade) and then some cream soda.

next, i wanna try the mushroom swiss.

this place is on the way to so many places where i run errands.
so, i am sure i will be hitting it again.
and, i told some of my co-workers.
i'm hoping it stays around.

here is a pic.
there were more onion rings; i just couldn't help myself.

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