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May I get a little help building a shopping route around THE BUTCHER'S SON?


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May I get a little help building a shopping route around THE BUTCHER'S SON?

Googs | Apr 14, 2013 01:53 PM

While in the area for an appointment, I wandered into The Butcher's Son. I was in need of dinner materials so this was quite the happy accident. I'm impressed with the meats, naked and dressed, on offer. In a bit of a hurry, I opted for marinated flattened chicken. The marinade showed off the cook's skills of balance and restraint while still delivering big flavours.

I'm in search of the world's most perfect shopping route. That's the highest quality for the most reasonable price with a minimum of running around. The Butcher's Son inspired me to snoop around it's immediate area. What do you think of this? Opinions definitely welcome.

Baker: ??? What-A-Bagel if I must. Good bread is the main requirement.
Basics: Sobeys Balliol or Metro Y-E Centre?
Butcher: The Butcher's Son
Coffee Beans: ???
Deli: La Salumeria
Dessert: Gelato Simply Italian
Fishmonger: Yonge Seafood Gourmet
Greengrocer: Fanfare Flowers
LCBO: Yonge & Manor (If only to avoid the rude cashier at LCBO Yonge Eglinton Centre who became the first cashier, hell, first PERson ever to refuse a transaction based on a single penny difference. One.)
Olive Oil: ???
Organic/Health Food: Anything that has cereals, yogurt, herbs, spices, baking supplies and the like?
Pasta: Pasta Pantry Fine Foods
Rice: Is there anything like the terrific Rubes Rice around here or anywhere for that matter?

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