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how many BTU's needed to blacken chicken / fish on a BBQ grill?

Wiseguymmiv | Jun 7, 201203:37 PM

I'm in the market for a gas BBQ grill and would like to properly blacken chicken and salmon on it from time to time. I tried this Memorial Day weekend on my parents' grill using a 12 inch cast iron skillet. The skillet couldn't get hot enough to blacken the chicken, and merely broiled it, like if I had just tossed it on the grill grate. If you've ever blackened chicken and seen the white smoke pour up from the skillet, you know how much better that this tastes than mere broiling. I do not know what BTU grill they have.

Anyway, how many BTUs should I look for in a gas BBQ grill to ensure I can easily blacken poultry and fish in a cast iron skillet?



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