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Bring Nothing and Like It!

southernitalian | Apr 12, 2010 10:41 AM

I was going to add to the post about not eating what you make when you've made a big meal but this is a little bit more complicated. I had a brunch yesterday, 18 people, all family. I bought two dozen bagels and assorted cream cheese and made two 9 x 13" stratas, one with sauage and one with just vegetables. I also made one pound of bacon and stuffed Roma tomatoes with parsley and provolone which I put under the broiler. I had OJ, champagne, coffee and tea.

Three of the guests asked beforehand what they could bring. I told one she could bring a fruit salad. I told the other two they could bring champagne (never going to go to waste). The first shows up with TONS of fruit salad in the largest serving bowl she owns. She also brought some leftover dips that she had made for a party the night before. WTF am I supposed to do with these? I didn't have chips and she didn't bring any. The other two brought more champagne, but one also brought a very large crumb cake. Huge. The other one stuck to just the champagne. A 4th guest brought a huge chocolate cake. Yet another guest brought two medium sized loaves of soda bread.

Needless to say, although everyone ate quite a bit, I am left with tons of leftovers. I resent that so much! So I spent a good while either wrapping up what I could save and/or freeze and tossing what I could not. This is the opposite of the guest that asks what she can bring to a dinner party and is told to bring a turkey. I think this may have occurred because they're family and felt more comfortable doing this but it's borderline offensive, implying I'm not a big enough girl to have people over for brunch.

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