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Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet - my Quest


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Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet - my Quest

danna | Jun 21, 2006 08:55 AM

My in laws from Wisconsin will be "vacationing" at our house for a week in August. I've finally realized that I should have been serving them cocktails before dinner. (I'm a wine girl, but only on weekends, husband rarely drinks)

I have never seen them order anything in a restaurant except Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet. My husband says he remembers this as an obnoxious drink to make from his college bartending days. I googled it yesterday, and discovered it's practically the state drink of Wisconsin. An article I found says Wisconsonites like their's sweeter and fruitier than might be the norm. Also said Korbel is THE brand.

So...anyone have the perfect recipe? Thoughts on Korbel vs. springing for something nicer? Do I need a shaker or anything? I suppose I need to buy a muddler. Thanks!

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